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The world famous Miraj school of string instrument makers is going to complete 171 years.The City of Miraj is famous for its string musical instruments and music. The goddess of music has spread her blessings over this town. Miraj has been a birth place of many famouse singers and musicians for centuries. Pundit Vishnu Digambar,whoes great Guru, Pundit Balkrishnabuva was a musician of the Miraj Royal court.

In 1850, the first string musical instrument of Maharashtra came to existance after many difficulties faced by its makers. The father of this first maharashtrian musical instrument was Shri. Faridsaheb Shilklgar and his brother Shri Mohinuddin saheb Shikalgar. The Shikalgar brothers faced a lot of difficulties and tensions while making the instrument. Before the production of musical instruments in Miraj; the maharashtrian musicians used the instruments like- Tambora, Sitar, Been, Dilruba, Taus; which were made in North Indian cities like Jaipur, Banaras and Lakhknow. At this time in Maharashtra, wooden instruments like ' Ektari' sursote etc. were made . Because of the low cost and less hard work, the singers used the wooden musical instruments like 'sursote'. Very rare singers used the Tambora which was very costly and demanded hard work in its making.

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